Day three

Unfortunately the weather didn’t change with the year, and we were left to make peace with the fact that the rest of our road trip would be under witness of the gleary, grey skies above us. We ate muesli by the lake and decided that we would hire the bikes from the campground and go for a cycle around the Marlborough wineries.  Just as we were all packed and geared up, I received a message from a family friend in the area, with a photo of golden skies and sparkling blue water a few hours away.  Without even thinking about it, we hopped in the car, unaware of the long drive yet to come.  Three and a half hours later and pooped, we arrived at an adorable bach on the sand, where the weather was just the same as it was in Blenheim, on the brink of a pourdown. It turns out the photo had been from earlier in the week, when we were still running around completing errands in Auckland, ignoring the weather. We had been fooled. Nonetheless, we were reunited with our little friends Lily and Jess, who had grown up immensely since our last visit, and who took us to the secret plum tree down the road and who showed us the tiny fish darting around the sand puddles at the beach.  Next thing we knew, we were talked into hopping onto the boat, half for fun and half to help weigh the other half of the boat down. I’ve never had a huge interest in boats...I always thought I preferred simply swimming in the sea, but jumping and gliding across the water in a little motorboat and getting pulled along the unpredictable crashing waves on the biscuit was pretty thrilling, I must admit. We put our tent up in the front yard of the bach, slowly realising the strength of the wind and the reality of sleeping on the spare mattress in the lounge that night..which we did, a few hours later, after a hearty spaghetti bolognese and a relaxed, cosy evening out of the rain.

1, 2) Tash, in the middle of putting up our tent in the front yard of the bach
3) Jess in her comfy place, watching The Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2


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