Film Memories

(Above): Birthday lovin', we had the whole of Anawhata Beach to ourselves on the morning of our 21st birthday.  It was a beautiful sunny Tuesday morning, and nothing could've made it better (February 2017)

Back to the motherland after 9 days in Bali, to watch crashing waves and find caves on the forgotten end of Piha Beach with this one (May 2017)

The mild New Zealand weather and a fake sea snake - Piha in Autumn (May 2017)

The lush Bali forests, a dream come true (April/May 2017)

Sitting and watching Tarzan himself wade through the rapidly flowing stream and stack rocks with ease (April/May 2017)

The regular coffee stop and the most intricate latte art I have ever seen, Revolver Cafe in Seminyak, Bali (April/May 2017)

The let's sell everything anyone has ever randomly collected store, Seminyak, Bali (April/May 2017)

Prepared for the apocalypse, Seminyak, Bali (April/May 2017)

Hectic plot/tech times with the crew during Desire Line(s) development period (April 2017)

Belated birthday celebrations with old friends (March 2017)

I've always felt at home by lakes and rivers - Broken Hills, Coromandel (March 2017)

The perfect spot, Broken Hills, Coromandel (March 2017)

VIP, Broken Hills, Coromandel (March 2017)

The angel herself, Natasha Kohler, Ubud, Bali (April/May 2017)


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